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A. General Help
How does Shopcie work?

The crux of social shopping is buying based on recommendations. Why not buy something your friends have recommended you about? Why not recommend your friends what to buy? Why not keep a track of everything you want to buy. Imagine it to be your own personal registry!

What is Shopcie about?

Social Shopping is all about shopping with people you love. It is a unique portal to keep track of what those who are close to you are buying, have bought or are wishing to buy.

What is Social about Shopcie?

The social in Social Shopping is about the recommendations generated from your friends, from people in your social circle. It is a completely trusted way to shop!

What are Coins?

Coins are scores added to your profile, which are redeemable.

How do coins work?

Points table will give a guideline on how points work

How do I redeem coins?

We shall be giving away rewards every month to individuals with highest coins.

Something isn’t working. What now?

Simply refresh your page. In case it still doesn’t work, please leave us a mail at: and we shall get back to you.

What does “following” do?

You can follow and keep track of profiles whose recommendations you like.

I want to follow up on an order?

Sorry. We are not liable for anything bought through Please coordinate with the site from where you made the purchase.

Can I browse through the site without creating an account?

Yes. However, you cannot like or recommend.

How can I connect with my friends on Shopcie?

You are automatically connected to your friends on Facebook who are already using the Shopcie account

How do I Sign in?

You may simply log in via your Facebook account.

How do I comment on a post?

This is easy. So all you need to do is type in your views in the box that says “Comments”

What if I come across inappropriate content or spam?

You can report spam or choose to hide the content from your timeline.

B. Account Management
I am not able to log in. What do I do?

Well…fear not! As you are logged in through Facebook, just refresh the page. In case, that doesn’t work, you can contact us at

How can I edit my profile?

Now this is super simple. On your homepage, tap on your profile picture. Under which you then tap on “Profile” on the right side. Underneath your Picture you’ll notice an edit sign. Simply click on it are you are good to go.

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